LISTEN: Pinetown resident talks to DKS about a MASSIVE pothole

LISTEN: Pinetown resident talks to DKS about a MASSIVE pothole

"It took so many days to be fixed and I wondered to myself, why isn't municipality fixing this sooner?"- Andreas.

Community activist reports live from Pinetown pothole.
Andreas Mathios at a pothole in Bamboo Lane, Pinetown. Image: YouTube

KwaZulu-Natal has had some bizarre things happen over the years - and this is up there.

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This past week, a giant pothole was discovered in Pinetown on Bamboo Lane. 

This particular pothole had been reported for three days and it took a resident in the area to get the ball rolling on fixing it.

We had the opportunity to speak to said resident, Andreas Mathios:

According to Andreas, for an entire week he had been appealing to the municipality to fix the situation as soon as possible. 

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Speaking about the pothole, Andreas said it had finally been fixed, but the major concern was that there is a primary school as well as a college on the road. 

"It's also a residential area and this hole is causing unnecessary inconvenience for many people," says Andreas.

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