LISTEN: Are you the mystery man from Umhlanga Rocks Drive?

LISTEN: Are you the mystery man from Umhlanga Rocks Drive?

Keri Miller and so many women and men from her neighbourhood have been eyeing a specific man on Umhlanga Rocks Drive. 


This morning when we started the show, Darren shared that he did not have anything exciting going on in his life. Sky had a little rant he wanted to have regarding the Springboks. 

But Keri Miller was feeling quite light, elated, and excited. 

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This was because of a certain mystery man who happens to jog up Umhlanga Rocks Drive. She describes the man with an amazing physique as a "tall, dark-skinned man with an 8-pack". 

She continues to describe the man to have very short hair, almost bald. 

Take a listen to find out more about whether this might be you: 

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You might ask yourself, "What happens once they have found the mystery man?" 

Take a listen here: 

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If you listened to that above podcast and felt that we might be talking about you or someone you may know, then please contact us. 

You can simply comment in the blog below or you can send a text message to our WhatsApp line saying "I am the mystery man". 

We are excited to meet the most famous man in Keri Miller's neighbourhood. 

Umhlanga Rocks Drive mystery man

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