KZN shares the childhood toys still in our homes

KZN shares the childhood toys still in our homes

A look at the toys that made us...

A bunch of childhood toys
A bunch of childhood toys / canva

Back in the day, marbles, furbies, battleships, and more were the top toys. Childhood toys hold memories that last a lifetime and some have even inspired the jobs we have today. 

The East Coast Breakfast team have some of their childhood toys in their homes and, no, it’s not because we’re hoarders! Toys are part of who we are. 

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KwaZulu-Natal has chimed in with some of their own childhood toys that still reside in their home. Take a look:

  • "Cabbage patch doll. And I'm 46 !!!!!!"
  • "Iron horse team and wagon.1940s"
  • "Those stuffed teddy bears and plastic dolls which am sure is a vintage collectable by now. And marbles. Dammnn, I tell everyone I'm sweet 16 for life but this post is making me feel OLD now."
  • "Oh I have my Barbie n Ken n amazingly I have my little chair"

One ECR listener shares a strange toy on our Facebook page. Here it is: 

Cube toy
Cube toy / ECR Facebook

This is your sign to keep some of your childhood toys. Although you might go through a sassy teenager stage, your inner child will thank you later in life. 

From being able to show your little ones your childhood toys, to having a toy become a collectible, it is a no-brainer. 

Be a good person and donate your toys to someone if you no longer see any value in it.

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Do you have any incredible toys to share? Get in touch with us [email protected].

Stay tuned for more, we will bring you the latest at East Coast Radio.

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