Khuluma Nathi: The Musical

Khuluma Nathi: The Musical

Since we're celebrating 'More Music March', uThisha Sky Tshabalala thought it was time to learn some of the most iconic isiZulu lyrics...

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As you may or may not know: there are two Khuluma Nathi classes every week.

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On Tuesday, Sky once again took the opportunity to teach the class (Darren and Keri) and the rest of KZN a very interesting Zulu proverb.

It goes like this - "the weasel is at ease because the mamba has gone out."

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Which is almost the same as "when the cat's away the mice will play"... but not really.

Sky can explain it better:

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But now it's time to get to the most important class of the week, or maybe even the whole month!

Something has been weighing heavy on Sky and it's time he got it off his chest...

"People have been singing this intro wrong for too long. I am here to teach the people the proper words to the unofficial South African anthem."

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Today, uThisha is teaching us the words to none other than, the one-and-only: 'Nkalakatha' by the late Mandoza.

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The class is hoping to make him proud and show their unwavering support for proudly South African tunes during #ECRMoreMusicMarch and what better way than singing along to this jam?

Take a listen below to hear how they did or learn the correct lyrics yourself:

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And since we have gone down this rabbit hole, we might as well jump in headfirst and go on a trip down memory lane by watching Mandoza perform his hit live:

You can catch-up on all Khuluma Nathi classes right here:

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