Keri Miller shares her killer workout playlist

Keri Miller shares her killer workout playlist

Need some extra motivation during a workout? Well, nothing gets you as pumped as the perfect playlist, so we decided to provide you with exactly that, thanks to our resident fitness queen!

Keri Miller Yoga
Keri Miller

This month we're focusing on providing you with more tunes than ever before and we've decided to call upon your favourite presenters to share all their musical gems.

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We've already covered the best music videos (thanks to Darren Maule).

Now it's time for Keri to give us some insight into the synergy between a kickass playlist and working out.

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First things first: does music really contribute that much to a workout? Does it really influence you during that time and does it motivate you while you exercise?

Keri has only one thing to say about that...

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With so many songs out there, curating can be a difficult task. One could almost say it can be as exhausting and tedious as the actual exercising part!

Even when you don't want to create your own, finding a fully completed playlist can be just as hard.

Is there one artist or genre that works better than others? Probably.

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However, the same music you would listen to while jogging might not be as suitable for something more relaxed like a yoga class.

Choosing only one artist/band to listen to seems so uniform, boring, and repetitive anyway.

So who does Keri think makes the best workout tunes: "Impossible to say. Depends if you are stretching, running, boxing, doing CrossFit… whatever it is."

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And finally, what really counts as working out? Obviously any sport such as tennis or boxing.

Yoga might seem not as aggressive but it's quite intense and can have you sweating in minutes.

But what about dancing? 

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Clearly, Keri knows what she's talking about, so let's have a look at her workout playlist.

"I have created my own playlists on Spotify, feel free to follow me and use my playlists." - Keri. 

Oh, we plan on doing just that.

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We've linked her favourite playlist for you below.

There are some slow and steady tunes mixed in with a few more upbeat numbers.

From international to lekker local songs, you really do get everything you need in this one list.

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Now turn the music up and get your sweat on!

Keri Miller yoga playlist
Keri Miller

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