"Would you move to Cape Town if it became its own country?" KZN listeners share

"Would you move to Western Cape if it became its own country?" KZN listeners share

The party named Cape Exit is advocating for the independence of the Western Cape province. 

CapeXit RSA

Election season is upon is right now and every year we have new different elections coming up. This year we have the CapeXit from the Western Cape advocating for the independence of province. Yes, they would love for Western Cape to go independent. 

When you head to their website they describe themselves as: 

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How interesting would that be - having Western Cape be its own country? 

So, CapeXit wish for the province to be completely separate from South Africa and we know there are so many people who enjoy Cape Town for its cultural wealth and facilities.

People love the beautiful beaches and restaurants and lifestyle centres. 

Would our KZN listeners pack their bags and leave for the Republic of Cape Town: 

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The answers are definitely mixed for this one. We would like to see the general consensus; we want you to simply let us know if you are part of the people heading to Cape Town or KZN is more than perfect for you. 

Make your choice here:

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We are interested to actually see what more would develop from Western Cape being their own country. 

What would their national anthem be, what would their national rugby team be named and what would their flag look like? 

The questions are endless...

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Main Image Courtesy: CapeXit.org

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