WATCH: This SmartCar in Cape Town fails dismally at driving up some stairs

WATCH: This SmartCar in Cape Town fails dismally at driving up some stairs

Are cars even made to drive up stairs? 

SmartCar driving

Everyone who owns a car can confidently admit that having to struggle on a road with your car is not the most ideal experience. This is why most people always research way before their trip if their car is ideal for the location. But it seems here, that might not be the case. 

When you Google, "Can cars drive up stairs?", the answers come from a VW enthusiast website called VW Vortex

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Although these comments date all the way back to 2005, this TikTok video might just be all the answer(s) they need to let the question and curiosity rest. 

Most answers go "No" and there is one elaborate answer sharing: "I'd say down stairs are entirely possible, dunno how much damage though, as you'd scrape the chassis rocker/chassis rails and maybe exhaust and front and rear overhangs on departure." 

One of the other answers ask that a video or picture be shared for them to be able to appropriately answer. 

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Well, here we have it - a video of a SmartCar attempting to drive up stairs. 

Watch it here: 


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That is definitely the answer anyone needs should they ever feel the need to attempt driving up stairs. 

The next best thing is parking on the side of the road and walking up to the house.

What a frustrating moment the driver must have had!


Main Image Courtesy:@miekevdr

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