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How walking can help you to plan your next big move

There’s nothing like a bit of fresh air to clear your head and help you focus. Here are a few tips to help you focus and use your walking time wisely.

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Exercise can assist with boosting your creativity and help you make some important decisions. Sometimes however, those thoughts can be overwhelming if you don’t have a clear method of organising them. We’ve got you covered.

Unplug the music

If you want to focus on specific subjects, it might be better to forget the music and let nature do its job. Music can be a distraction if you find that you’re not focussing properly yet. Who can resist singing along to their favourite tune when it’s blaring in your ears? Forget the earphones at home, until you’re comfortable with your thoughts and organised.

Plan your thoughts

Before you head out for your walk, plan what you’ll be thinking about, and what decisions you need to make. Make a list of everything in order of importance and stick to the list. Don’t allow your mind to wander, and if it does, bring your thoughts back to your list immediately.

Set goals

Set a few goals to meet along your walk. Perhaps set a deadline, that one topic or concern will be decided on per kilometre. Set realistic deadlines though. If a specific topic needs time to deliberate and decide on, give yourself the space and room to make that decision.

Follow through

When your walk is finished, make notes of any decisions made. Ensure you follow through on your decisions and implement them. This will give you a sense of accomplishment and you’ll feel that your exercise had purpose.


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