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Here’s how to get 1km of walking in at home every day

There are 1320 steps in one kilometre. Getting out to take a walk can be difficult sometimes with all the chores and responsibilities at home. So why not kill two birds with one stone and combine your chores with your walking. 

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If you have a staircase at home, use it. Every time you use the stairs, double up the trip up and down. These extra steps add up and can help you get to your 1km of walking very quickly.

Hanging washing is the perfect way to help add on the steps. March in place while hanging clothing and do a few laps around the washing line as well to increase your step count.

Cooking gives the perfect opportunity to increase your step count. While you are cutting vegetables, cleaning meat, making sandwiches or stirring a pot, march in place and keep moving. You could even put some music on and march to some upbeat tunes.

Polishing furniture can add quite a few steps to your step count. Instead of leaning over and polishing your table in one position, polish small areas at a time while walking around the item of furniture to ensure you reach all spots.

Buy yourself a pair of floor polish slippers and get walking. Floor polisher slippers are a great way to shine up your floors while adding steps to your step count. It’s a win-win situation.

Turn your TV time into exercise time. We don’t mean give up your favourite shows to go for a walk around the neighbourhood, but rather combine the two. Walk around the couch while watching your show, rather than laying on it.

Treat yourself to a change of scenery by registering for KwaZulu-Natal’s biggest outdoor walking event this May. The Discovery East Coast Radio Big Walk takes place on Sunday 20 May and has a race pace and distance for everyone. Go to to #FindYourPace and register today.   

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