Search for MSC passengers as two South Africans test positive for COVID-19 post voyage

Search for MSC passengers as two South Africans test positive for COVID-19 post voyage

Tracer teams are busy tracking down thousands of people who were on two MSC cruise liners from Durban. 

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Nushera Soodyal

The Health Department says a person from each vessel has tested positive for COVID-19. 

The MSC Orchestra left the Durban Port on the 28 February and sailed back on 2 March. 

The same ship departed for the Portuguese Islands on 13 March and returned three days later. 

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Health Minister Dr Zweli Mkhize says from the first cruise, a Free State man tested positive for the virus.


In the second case, a KwaZulu-Natal woman who travelled on the cruise tested positive. 

Mkhize says MSC is feeding the department will all the information it has on its passengers. 

"This is to be able to make sure that we track all the individuals in case they did experience symptoms." 

Mkhize has appealed to anyone who was on these specific cruises to contact their provincial health departments.


"We want to say to those who may have been part of these cruises, that they need to be aware that there were people on those ships who have tested positive. They need to approach medical doctors or public facilities so that they can be screened properly."

MSC's Managing Director, Ross Volk says they have undertaken a vast data-gathering operation.


"We have provided and collaborated with the port authorities, we have provided all the information they have required. We have offered every single assistance that we possibly can to help them going forward.'

"All the crew have left the vessel except for a skeleton staff. They have all been notified, and no one is showing any symptoms."

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