SA lockdown: No alcohol and dog-walking

SA lockdown: No alcohol and dog-walking

Police Minister Bheki Cele has emphasised there will be severe consequences for flouting the regulations put in place to arrest the spread of COVID-19.

Bheki Cele on dog walking

Cele was speaking at a briefing of the security cluster ministers on the 21-day lockdown that kicks-in at midnight.

"If you break these regulations you will spend six months in [jail] or a fine or both. In KZN, two people have been charged already, charged with attempted murder - [ these are] people who deliberately moved around after they were told that they don't have to move around. So this is not a fairytale to say the law will act very harshly on you."

He says there'll also be alcohol, dog-walking and gatherings restrictions. 

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"With the national lockdown, the selling of liquor is strictly prohibited. This is applicable to also those supermarkets with liquor licences. No liquor will be sold anywhere by anyone during the 21-day period of the lockdown."

"There will be no dogs that will be walked... if you really want to walk your dog do it around your house, it ends there and not beyond that."

"Police will be responsible to ensure the restriction of movement of persons and goods. Therefore, there shall be, absolutely no gatherings other than for a funeral, where the number of mourners will be restricted to 50. Still, on funerals, we need to emphasise that even night vigils will be prohibited."

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