LISTEN: Durban expat finally home after double quarantine

LISTEN: Durban expat finally home after double quarantine

A Durban woman evacuated from Wuhan, China, is finally back home. 

Jocelyn Potgieter China

Jocelyn Potgieter had spent 14-days in quarantine in Limpopo with more than a hundred other South Africans repatriated from Wuhan and crew members. 

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They were allowed to leave the Ranch Resort on Sunday. 

Potgieter says being back on home soil made her feel safe. 

"I think that's just a sense of relief all around. My family have not stopped praying from day one. Now I am so happy and relieved. They can sleep."

"The reception and welcoming from people of Limpopo was just so overwhelming. We felt like celebrities. We weren't expecting to come into that."

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"We heard some stuff from the media that about people not being very happy and being worried which we understand, about us returning to South Africa."

Potgieter says it was an emotional experience. 

"The staff and the military of cause just made us feel so welcome. We sang the national anthem as we landed and it was just so moving, we all cried. At the raunch, the staff was so wonderful. I can't praise the staff at the hotel enough and the military."

Potgieter will now go into her third quarantine, as the country is still in lockdown - this after having been in lockdown in Wuhan and quarantine in Limpopo. 

Listen below: 

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