KZN residents want essential goods list expanded

KZN residents want essential goods list expanded

Some KwaZulu-Natal residents have called on the government to revisit the list of items people can buy. 

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They want the list of essential goods to be expanded to include items like baby clothes. 

Expectant mother, Nobuhle Ngidi says she has not been able to buy enough clothing for her baby that's on the way. 

"The stores that do currently sell those things - their prices are above the usual price that we would usually pay. These other outlets that specifically cater to babies - not everyone will be able to afford pharmacy prices, and not all pharmacies cater for all baby essentials."

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Khona Shibase, an essential worker, says some personal grooming items aren't available for purchase. 

"I went to one of the major retailers, in an attempt to purchase a hair clipper, but once at the till, it did not scan because it seems it's listed as a non-essential."

"I feel like I don't look clean, right now I don't look presentable. I'm even ashamed to go on a Skype meeting with my bosses- something should be done."

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