KZN home for the aged placed under strict lockdown

KZN home for the aged placed under strict lockdown

The Association for the Aged has confirmed a third positive Covid-19 case in one of its KZN homes. 

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An 80-year-old resident at the Tafta Park Care Cottage  - south of Durban was hospitalised this week - after contracting the respiratory disease. 

Three care staff, two kitchen staff and the home’s sister, together with eight frail elders in the cottage - have been put into isolation. 

They're being screened and tested.

Earlier this week -  TAFTA  placed the John Conradie House/Langeler Towers in Durban under lockdown - after two residents tested positive. 

But this restriction has irked some residents who are already frustrated by the national lockdown.

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Tafta CEO, Femada Shamam says while they understand the frustration - residents must understand it's for their safety...

"We do understand their frustrations and we are mindful of their concerns.

"However at this stage, we need to be behaving in a way that will mitigate against the virus spreading rapidly throughout the rest of the building because there are some people who are very vulnerable in the building, so the lockdown will be eased on the 9nth July," she said. 

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