Free books to help children understand COVID-19

Free books to help children understand COVID-19

An ward-winning South African author and his wife, have produced a free to download book to help children understand the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Don't panic book coronavirus

In the seventh instalment of popular Oaky children's picture books series, Athol Williams and Taryn Lock who is an artist by profession, focus on the pandemic which has swept through all corners of the world. 


Titled, 'Oaky and the Virus', the book delves into why a lockdown is essential and gives examples of how one can be entertained while indoors. 


"It is our hope that parents or guardians use this opportunity to engage with children around matters relating to the virus but also to help ensure that children are reading accurately and doing so with comprehension," Williams said. 


Lock added, "It is rewarding knowing that it will help children understand the lockdown and what they can do to stay safe." 

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The book, which also has songs children can sing-along to while washing their hands, is available to download here


A University of KwaZulu-Natal PhD student at the School of Arts has also created a digital comic aimed to help parents educate their children about the virus. 


Co-creator, Damien Tomaselli says he hopes the book, titled 'Don't Panic', helps ease the confusion children are confronted with during this period. 


"We have created a free Motion Book to explain this situation to our children."


The book comes in several languages and is available to download here

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