COVID-19 restrictions sees closure of SA wineries

COVID-19 restrictions sees closure of SA wineries

Travel restrictions due to the global coronavirus crisis have led to the closure of some wineries. 

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Wines of SA says the regulations have made it difficult for exporters to send more South African products overseas. The group promotes local wine exports in key international markets. 

It says the industry's lost billions in profit. Spokesperson Maryna Carlow says the South African industry exports around 50% of its wine. The other 50% is sold locally. 

She says the recent announcement to suspend alcohol sales again, made the situation worse.

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"This has seen our industry lose literally billions of rands of income.  We anticipate roughly 18 000 jobs to be lost because of this and up to 80 of our producer sellers to have to close down," she said. 

"The impact is quite vast and the new ban that's been reinstated may have even further repercussions for our industry that could really see us devastated."

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