Coronavirus: 'Be mindful of the amount of water' usage

Coronavirus: 'Be mindful of the amount of water' usage

Greenpeace Africa says those who don't have access to water should hold government to account - especially at this time of a national state of disaster.

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World Water Day was observed on Sunday, with the focus on water security. 

But with the coronavirus now taking centre stage - there's even more concern about the safety of South Africans who still don't have access to a reliable and clean water supply. 

People around the world are continually being urged to wash their hands as part of an effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

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Greenpeace Africa's Bukelwa Nzimande says, "Them not being able to access water, especially in a time like this where there is a public health crisis it sort of compounds a lot of the issues."

"We encourage people to hold government accountable, especially where there are decisions that need to be made with people in mind and sustainability in mind."

Nzimande says in the midst of this health crisis - water in South Africa and the world is scarce.

"As much as right now all of us have to be washing our hands and ensure that we are fighting the virus as best as we can, we still need to be mindful of the amount of water we are using."

"At the end of the day that very water is scarce, and a lot of people can't access it."

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