KZN Health confirms COVID-19 door-to-door testing

KZN Health confirms COVID-19 door-to-door testing

A KZN Health official says door to-door testing for the coronavirus is now being done. 

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The Departement's Chief Director for the eThekwini District - Penny Msimango says this is being done to prevent further spread of COVID-19.

“There is door to door testing being at the moment. We are sending our teams from the Department of Health to follow up on contacts and to then also do testing and the taking of the swabs,” Msimango said.

Msimango was speaking at a meeting being attended by the province's religious leaders.

The KwaZulu Natal Christian Council convened the meeting at the St Joseph's Catholic Church - to discuss the impact of the COVID19 virus on churches and its congregation.

Msimango has stressed that because of crime - the National Institute for Communicable Diseases officials will first alert potential patients. 

“We will phone you, take your details. Ask you how you are, whether you have symptoms. Then they will tell you that, somebody will come to your house to do the test. There is no one that will come to your house unannounced,” Msimango added.

South Africa currently has 150 positive cases of COVID-19, with zero deaths recorded.

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