This remake of Sisqó's 'Thong Song' is nostalgic

This remake of Sisqó's 'Thong Song' is nostalgic

The 'Thong Song' is back!

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Sisqó's 1999 hit single, 'Thong Song', is making a comeback in 2017.

The track, which was the second song off the his multi-platinum album, 'Unleash the Dragon', was a chart topper around the world, and (almost) made women want to wear thongs to the beach.

And now at the age of 38, Sisqó is helping bring one of his biggest hits back to life.

He has teamed up with Norwegian DJ-trio, JCY, for the remake.

"I thought it was dope and figured maybe it was time to put some new rims on the Bugatti," he told Rolling Stone magazine.

The official video for the 'Thong Song' remake dropped on Tuesday to mixed reviews.

Naturally, there are a lot of women in thongs! 

While some people enjoyed taking a trip down memory lane, others questioned why Sisqó would ruin the classic. 

Listen to both versions below and let us know what you think.

Vs the original...

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