Big Favour: Prepped 4 Prep collaborates with The Wellness Centre to bring hope

Big Favour: Prepped 4 Prep collaborates with The Wellness Centre to bring hope

The aim is to help bring hope to those communities in need by providing not only stationery supplies to the youth, but also helping inspire them to believe in themselves

Big Favour- Prepped 4 prep + The Wellness Centre Trust
Big Favour- Prepped 4 prep + The Wellness Centre Trust / supplied

Name & Surname: Caron Rademeyer

Company:  Prepped 4 Prep 

Designation: Director

Email: [email protected] 

Name & Surname: Eloise Briggeman

Company: The Wellness Centre Trust 

Designation: Director

Email: [email protected] 

Prepped 4 Prep offers a comprehensive, personalised Back-to-School solution. We not only provide and assemble all the required stationery items from school lists but also offer additional personalised services to parents. This includes designing and printing labels for their children and providing a service to label every scholastic item and cover every book.

Our primary goal is to alleviate the Back-to-School stress that often burdens busy parents, ensuring their children are well-prepared for the first day back at school.

Our journey began three years ago when two working moms, fully immersed in the corporate retail world, found themselves struggling to balance their jobs with the demands of back-to-school shopping, labelling, and covering countless school books.

Driven by a passion for stationery and a desire to provide a helping hand, we decided to merge our retail background with a personal touch. This allowed us to assist busy parents in reducing unnecessary stress and ensuring their children are well-equipped for the upcoming school year. And so, Prepped 4 Prep was born, offering a unique and hassle-free Back-to-School experience for families.

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There is one quote by Magic Johnson that is the cornerstone of this campaign:

Our campaign has a clear mission: to instil hope in underserved communities by not only supplying stationery to the youth but also by inspiring them to believe in themselves.

Our aim is to equip each child with the tools they need to excel in the academic year ahead. Each bag includes stationery supplies as well as a motivational note, conveying our unwavering belief in their potential.

We are deeply passionate about nurturing the youth, recognising them as the future generation. Our goal is to make a positive impact on the lives of the young children within our community.

Recognising that we couldn't achieve this mission alone, Prepped 4 Prep joined forces with The Wellness Centre Trust three years ago. Together, we have been able to support communities in the Kenville area that were in desperate need of back-to-school stationery supplies. Over the past three years, we have received incredible support from both the local community and corporate partners, enabling us to provide 430 packs to children in need.

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Here's how the community can get involved:

We have identified two schools as beneficiaries of Preppi's Bag of Love: Kenville Primary School and Sea Cow Lake Secondary School. These schools require a total of 1,900 stationery bags to ensure that every child is well-prepared for the upcoming academic year.

In collaboration with the schools, we have assessed their specific needs and developed three distinct bag options:

  • Junior Primary
  • Senior Primary
  • High School Bag of Love

Each of these bags is priced at R200, and this is where we seek the support of ECR listeners.

By sponsoring a bag of your choice, you can help us reach our target of 1,900 donated bags. Together, we can provide as many children as possible with the essential tools they need to embark on the new school year and inspire them to aim for the stars.

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Contact if you wish to sponsor a bag of love. 

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