Buffelsdale Secondary School in desperate need of assistance

Big Favour: Buffelsdale Secondary School in desperate need of assistance

"It's really difficult for kids to study when the facilities and equipment for learning isn't on par with other schools" - Pedro Judah Kistiah.

Big thank you to Luminos Blinds for the contribution.
Big thank you to Luminos Blinds for the contribution. Image: ECR

Name & Surname : Ridwan Peer

Company:  LuminosBlinds (The Blinds Syndicate)

Designation: CEO

Email: [email protected] 

Dear Sir/Madam 

Request for sponsorship. My family and I attended Buffelsdale Secondary School

We reside right next to the school, and it was easy to get to school without paying extra fees, which would have made it more difficult in a middle-income homes with  four kids. 

My parents and many other parents were at ease knowing that their children could walk to school. In the school, there are many classrooms that cannot be utilized because they cannot afford to maintain them.

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My heart is so sore that we are seeing this school in this light because no one has partnered with them or has helped them to recover.

A lot of parents lost their jobs during COVID-19, and a lot of companies have closed resulting in outstanding school fees.

This is not because parents do not want to pay but because they are struggling to get by. As much as the school is struggling there is so much potential, and we want to be able to make it look more inviting. 

Buffelsdale Secondary School faces financial challenges due to parents' job losses during COVID-19 and company closures.
Image: ECR

The reason why the teachers have continued to help the school is that they want to help children and they see the bigger picture for the community. 

If the school closes its doors, I am sure we will have children who will not continue to go to school because the parents cannot afford school fees or there might be a higher rate of school fees in another school or not enough space in the class.

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As a member of the school and the future generations to come we would like the school to continue, however, due to a lack of funding and poor support, the school cannot fully function.

This past week we have been to the school in support of their fundraising. It was a school and community-based effort they are really trying to keep the school afloat. 

Past school members are also stepping In and trying to help with the maintenance of some of the offices and classrooms that need serious attention.

Big thank you to Luminos Blinds for the contribution.
Big thank you to Luminos Blinds for the contribution. Image: ECR

We as a community should stand together to help these schools as they are really trying. 

Education is very important, and it is important to have the resources and provide and safe and good environment for the students.

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I trust that these words have impacted in some way to make any difference and help not only Buffelsdale Secondary School but also the residents. 

This school is a good school, and it deserves to continue, and any help will be appreciated.

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I would like to nominate this school as part of the Luminos Pay it Forward Project and hopefully the offices and staffroom can receive new blinds.

Kind regards

Pedro Judah Kistiah- Past Year Student

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