ECR distributes stationery with Prepped 4 Prep and Spar for Back-To-School

ECR distributes stationery with Prepped 4 Prep and Spar for Back-To-School

The aim is to help bring hope to those communities in need by providing not only stationery supplies to the youth, but also inspiring them to believe in themselves

Big Favour Kenville
Big Favour Kenville/ ECR

Name & Surname: Caron Rademeyer

Company:  Prepped 4 Prep 

Designation: Director

Email: [email protected] 

Prepped 4 Prep offers a comprehensive, personalised Back-to-School solution. They not only provide and assemble all the required stationery items from school lists, but also offer additional personalised services to parents. This includes designing and printing labels for their children and providing a service to label every scholastic item and cover every book.

The primary goal is to alleviate the Back-to-School stress that often burdens busy parents, ensuring their children are well-prepared for the first day back at school.

The Big Favour partners with Prepped 4 Prep yet again with the help of Spar. Today we distribute essential stationery items in Kenville.

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Check out the excitement and relief our partners provide in this campaign today. 

This initiative has been made possible not only through the dedication of the school, but also through the generous support of Spar, our esteemed partner. We extend our heartfelt thanks to Spar for their commitment to education and their crucial role in making this initiative a success. 

Thank you to Prepped 4 Prep for ensuring that every child is well-prepared for the first day back at school, they have successfully turned a potential source of anxiety into a smooth and organised experience for both parents and students alike.

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