Big Favour: Jack receives a bursary to attend Magic Moments Preschool

Big Favour: Jack receives a bursary to attend Magic Moments Preschool

The Big Favour partners with Magic Moments Preschool to make education accessible.

Magic Moments Preschool
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Name: Janine Larkan

Sponsor: Magic Moments Preschool Company

Phone: 031 708 1524

As the new academic year unfolds, the anticipation and excitement of sending children off to school fills the air. Yet, for some parents, this joyous experience remains a distant dream due to financial constraints. At The Big Favour, we recognise the significance of education in shaping a child's future, and we are proud to announce our partnership with Magic Moments Preschool, an institution that shares our commitment to providing educational opportunities for all.

One lucky listener, Jack, has been selected for this opportunity. However, there is still room for more candidates in need.

We would like to offer a deserving parent an opportunity for their child to study at Magic Moments. Write a motivation why they deserve to be chosen using the link below: 

BIG FAVOUR: Nominate a child here

Mother of Jack, Cheyenne Honneysett, shares her motivation for this initiative:

I would love the opportunity to send my son to Magic Moments Preschool where he would be taught skills, introduced to new ideas and be exposed to learning in a way that I am not able to provide for him.

My mother left me at a very young age with my abusive father.  My elderly grandmother ,who was terrified of him, did her best to care for me.  He took me out of school before grade 7 and cut off my contact with everyone, he needed someone to do housework and I was told that’s all I was good for.  My grandmother then tried to secretly homeschool me, but for many reasons it became too difficult, so I never finished my schooling.  When my grandmother passed away and I no longer needed to protect her, I was able to escape.  I now have Jack who is an adventurous, curious and bright three year old.   

Unfortunately, I am not able to give him the start in life that he deserves as I am not able to find employment to afford preschool for him with the education I have.  If I were to receive this gift of a years schooling for Jack, I would be able to work on my education which will help me get a job that will pay for his education in the  future. Improving my education would be fulfilling a dream I've had from a young girl.  Also, this would be you and I giving my son a better start in life than I was given.

I feel Jack would truly gain from this wonderful opportunity of attending your highly rated program. I would love to see him grow and become more independent in a structured environment under the guidance of skilled teachers.

Thank you for offering this opportunity to our community.

We firmly believe that the foundation of education is pivotal in a child's life. Through this partnership, The Big Favour and Magic Moments Preschool are working hand in hand to give deserving children the chance to build a strong educational foundation. Our shared vision is to break down the barriers that hinder access to education, fostering an inclusive environment where every child can thrive.

Join us in creating a world where the doors to education are open to all, ensuring a brighter and more promising tomorrow for every child.

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Good day 

I would like to offer a child from our area Northdene/Mosley a position at Magic Moments Pre-School free of charge for the year 2024.

We know many parents are still battling and education as well as children learning social skills is so important. If we can help one child in this way it's a start.

Magic Moments has been in the area for over 20 years, I myself have been running the school for over ten years. We have alot of parents that we give discount fees to as alot of folk are still trying to come back from covid.

I was gifted a weekend away from my staff on ECR and I would just like to pay it forward to help a child. Our fees are R28 200 for the year including cooked breakfast and lunch. The child will not need to provide anything we will also provide the stationary. We just ask that this goes to a child in need and also one not currently enrolled at our school .

Have a blessed day

Kind regards

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To find out more about they offer, head to Magic Moments Preschool on Facebook

Make sure to catch the Big Favour every Wednesday at 07:40 click here. Caring for those who are in need. 

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