Energywise Systems | KZN Future 50

Energywise Systems | KZN Future 50

lluminating Tomorrow: Energywise Systems' journey in the lighting industry...

Energywise - KZN Future 50

Company name: Energywise Systems


In this week’s East Coast Radio KZN Future50 episode we focus on a business who illuminates the world around us – Energywise Systems, a manufacturer of LED Lights and we learn about how lights can impact on us all as individuals and the organisations we lead and work in.

With a legacy spanning three decades, Energywise Systems stands tall as a pioneering force in transforming LED lighting solutions. Founded by the forward-thinking Andrea Barausse, this trailblazing venture has consistently pushed the boundaries of lighting technology. Today, under the joint stewardship of Andrea and his son Jonas, the company continues its quest to redefine the lighting landscape.

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Acknowledging that lighting transcends mere bulbs, Energywise Systems explains the intricate considerations underlying the selection of lighting solutions. Be it for residential, commercial, or industrial settings, the nuances of hues, brightness, and beam direction form the bedrock of crafting ideal lighting environments. Essentially the right lighting can enhance the experience of your consumers, employees, and guests and the wrong lighting and detract from it.

A practical example of how lighting can impact on the success of a farmer’s crop, is explained in unpacking how specific light spectrums directly influence crop yields and plant morphology. By understanding the effects of various light spectrums—such as blue light compacting growth and red light elongating plants—Energywise Systems empowers farmers to optimize harvests sustainably.

Energywise Systems
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Moreover, amid the looming challenges of climate change and the imperative for decarbonization, energy-efficient lighting systems take center stage. The Energywise team anticipates a paradigm shift wherein lighting not only affects aesthetics but also holds sway over insurance and investment decisions due to its economic and sustainability impacts.

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In line with their commitment to enlightening consumers, Energywise Systems plans to host an enlightening seminar next year. With a focus on educating property investors and facilities managers on informed lighting investments, the company invites public input on naming the event.

This is where KZN can get involved!

Energywise Systems 2
Energywise Systems 2/ supplied

Three compelling options have surfaced: "Right Light Leads to Loot," "Shining a Light on Return on Investment," and "Enlightened Investments." As they gear up to host this informative session, they encourage individuals to visit the Energywise Systems website ( to participate in the seminar and vote for the most fitting title.

As Energywise Systems continues to pave the way for innovative lighting solutions, their dedication to educating and empowering consumers serves as a testament to their commitment to revolutionizing the role of light in our daily lives

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