Ample Power | KZN Future 50

Ample Power | KZN Future 50

Ample Power: Illuminating KZN's Future with Sustainable Energy Solutions.

Ample Power
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Company name: Ample Power 


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Ample Power, led by Chief Executive Officer James Siedle for 15 years, has become a cornerstone in KwaZulu-Natal's energy solutions landscape. Specialising in comprehensive power systems integrating solar, battery, and generator technologies, they cater to diverse clients — from residential homes to large commercial properties. 

Navigating through the complexities of evolving policies and market dynamics, Ample Power has established itself as a trusted provider in the region. Their commitment to reliability and innovation has enabled them to weather industry uncertainties and deliver effective energy solutions tailored to local needs. 

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Looking forward, Ample Power aims to expand its footprint in commercial properties, offering innovative Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) that optimise energy savings without the burden of ownership. This strategic approach underscores their role as leaders in sustainable energy solutions. 

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Beyond business objectives, Ample Power contributes significantly to the local economy and environment. By promoting solar energy adoption, they mitigate carbon footprints, create job opportunities, and enhance local expertise in renewable energy technologies. Their solutions also enhance operational stability for businesses and households during power disruptions. 

Ample Power has installed numerous systems across KZN, including installations for some of the region's largest shopping centres. Additionally, did you know that enough solar energy reaches Earth every hour to meet global energy needs for an entire year? 

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Join Ample Power in shaping a sustainable future for KZN. Whether you're interested in reducing energy costs or ensuring reliable power solutions for your business, Ample Power, is here to provide expertise and reliable service. 

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