Year in Review: Is this proof that reality television is a lie?

Year in Review: Is this proof that reality television is a lie?

Earlier this year, new information about one of the biggest reality television shows, 'Selling Sunset', came to light - and it honestly had us surprised!


No matter how much of a reality television show fan you are, we can all admit that we know it's not all as "real" as it wants to be.

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Certain moments are scripted or cast members can even be forced into certain conversations.

It is still very rare that any of these fake moments are exposed, though.

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But this year, Netflix hit 'Selling Sunset' (which follows the lives of the top real estate agents in Los Angeles, California) left out a very important detail.

Although there is more than enough drama and extravagance to keep you satisfied, this news was quite a shock and had an influence on a lot of people's perception of the show.

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During an interview, one of the stars of the show, Christine Quinn, was presented with the following question: "Do the producers fiddle with the timeline of the show?"

Her answer was just as dramatic as expected, stating she can't comment on the production, but she did imply that the interviewer is a smart woman.

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Since then, many time-alterations have been revealed.

Not soon after, it was revealed that her co-stars Mary Fitgerald and Romain Bonnet had been married for two years before their wedding took place on the series!

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The reason for this betrayal was that they wanted to make sure they would last in the long-term before telling friends and family.

And, spoiler alert, Christine had her own relationship timeline altered and "amped up".

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The series seems to show Christine meeting her now-husband while showing him a possible new home, and one of her co-stars also confirms that they met when he was a client.

Turns out they had been dating for three months by the time they filmed those scenes.

All this coming to light might not be the best for the show and its reputation, because even Chrissy Teigen has weighed in with her opinion on whether this show should even be considered a reality show:

Guess we'll just have to settle for never fully knowing which parts of reality television are real and which are fake...

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