Year In Review: Billie Eilish stood up to social media bullies

Billie Eilish stood up against some social media bullies and responded to body shaming trolls

Everyone gets to that point in their life where they have just had enough of everything and everyone, especially those who say hurtful things. Singer Billie Eilish showed how tired she is of society a few months ago when she responded to social media trolls for body shaming her.

Billie Eilish
Billie Eilish/ Instagram

Billie Eilish has been fighting the body shamming battle for a while it seems, but she had finally had enough, and she decided to make it known and voice out how she really felt. The singer shared an Instagram story, a repost from blogger Chizi Duru's TikTok.

This is what Duru said in the clip:

Billie body shamming

Eilish had even gotten used to mostly wearing baggy clothes because she didn't want people to sexualise her.

Watch the full TikTok video below:

Eilish once spoke out in an interview with ELLE, in its October 2019 issue, about her style and her thoughts on how some people were applauding her for setting an example of how "young girls should dress" so they aren't sexualised. 

The only reason Eilish even felt comfortable dressing in big baggy clothes wasn't because she was showing "young girls how they should dress", but because of society's problem and inability to resist sexualising young women. It was never about her insecurities.

Eilish once wore a tank top and someone took a photo of her and it went viral on social media. 

In her experience, her breasts have gotten her body-shamed in the past, and that's why she covers them up. It's certainly unfair that a girl with bigger boobs will be called names for wearing the same thing a girl with smaller boobs would wear that people would praise them for. 

Eilish added that as she gets older, people should expect her style to change.

Should we not let people just live their lives and wear whatever they feel like wearing? Who are we to judge? 

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