South African female celebrities who have experienced body shaming

South African female celebrities who have experienced body shaming

These celebrities have been shamed and ridiculed for their bodies. This needs to end. Now.

Rolene Strauss
Rolene Strauss/ Instagram @Rolenestrauss

“You have gained so much weight.”

“With those thighs, you’re never going to find a date.”

Those are just two examples of demeaning things people say to each other.

Body shaming is when a person makes judgemental and humiliating comments about another person’s body size, shape, or weight.

It can happen in person or online, and many people have been victims of it, especially women.

According to,  94% of girls and 65% of teenage boys have affected by body shaming.

Over the years, celebrities who have experienced this type of bullying have come out to talk about their experiences. 

Rolene Strauss

Even former Miss South Africa Rolene Strauss has been a victim of cyber bullying because of her weight.

In a YouTube video, the beauty queen shared how people labelled her 'pregnant' because of her weight gain.

Rolene responded with Beyonce’s 'Pretty Hurts'.

Tumi Morake 

The comedian and actress went on a three-year weight loss journey from 2014. She lost a lot of weight. 

However, last year Tumi took to Instagram to silence those who were body shaming her for putting the weight back on. 

“So, my latest saga is, b*****s be like, Tumi you were so thin. Why did you get fat again? I’m like, b***h are you my scale?”

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Not waiting for anything. Just bored. 🤣

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Sophie Lichaba

Actress Sophie Lichaba has been body-shamed for her weight loss. 

It got so bad that rumours started circulating on social media that she is HIV positive. 

Sophie said people even went as far as sending her husband messages. 

"People send my husband such nasty messages on social media. Women say, 'That woman looks so weird, do you really love her?," Sophie said in an interview with Drum magazine.

Nobathembu Mabeka

Gospel singer Nobathembu Mabeka has also been a victim of this worrying trend.

The singer says the bullying and shaming started when she was in school. 

“In my growing up I was a big woman, I was teased at school big time for being Fat, I will forever be greatful to my parents who told me that I am wonderful and fearfully made &that I should never be apologetic for being the person I am and I should embrace my uniqueness and never allow people's opinions to define me but I should allow God's defination of me to difine me. Ever since then I've always been a big, confident and ambitious women,” she wrote on Facebook. 


Over the years, Lesego ‘Thickleeyonce’ Legoban has been engaged in ugly Twitter wars over her body. 

She has been labelled “fat and ugly”, but the plus-size model has been very vocal about how body shaming must come to an end.

Thickleeyonce recently took part in the Marie Claire SA’s ‘Naked’ issue.

She wrote: “This year I was a part of Marie Claire's New Naked #DearBody campaign, and I wrote this letter to my self. #DearBody others may not understand why I walk around like you’re covered in diamonds. They look at you and just see flaws; they do not understand the unconditional love I have for you.I am so happy that I am no longer at war with you; my acceptance of you has brought me peace. @marieclairesa” 

Unathi Msengana 

Unathi has not only experienced body shaming from social media, but there was a time her bosses also told her she looked "a bit thick". 

“I remember being sat down by the whole production and everybody on the team, everybody saying to me, Unathi your look is a bit harsh and you are a bit thick, so we are wondering if you would ever consider wearing a weave and a wig and just losing some weight," said the media personality. 

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