How to enjoy a solo holiday

How to enjoy a solo holiday

Solo travellers can enjoy the most of their vacations with these tips…

Solo traveler on holiday / Pexels
Solo traveler on holiday / Pexels

Travelling alone can be exciting and intimidating at the same time.

You will likely spend most of your time alone and you must rely on yourself for everything.

But travelling alone can be just as exciting as travelling as a group, provided you are well prepared.

Here are a few tips to help you navigate your solo trips.

Plan ahead

The best way to get over anxiety about travelling alone is to create a daily itinerary for yourself. You don’t have to stick to the schedule, but it can help you plan your transport and activities ahead of time to avoid unnecessary stress. You can research the nearest restaurants, transport and activities and even book some of them before you even touchdown at your destination.

Learn a few phrases

Learning how to say “hello” and “thank you” in the local language will help you strike up a conversation with anyone. You can also cram several local phrases before you leave for your holiday. Don’t forget to smile and always be friendly to locals – they might come in handy when you get lost or need some help.


You might be tempted to book your accommodation at a big hotel but B&Bs, hostels and Airbnbs are better suited for the solo traveller. You are more likely to meet other solo travellers, who would be more than happy to go exploring with you. If you prefer a hotel, why not book one near the city centre or the beachfront as these places are always a hub of activity.

Embrace technology

Technology is the solo traveller’s best friend. If you are travelling outside of the country make sure you will be able to stay in touch with family and friends without racking up high phone roaming bills. Buy a local sim or travel sim card to make local calls and download your favourite social media apps. You can also download ride-hailing apps to avoid walking up and down a busy street at night looking for a taxi. Some travel apps allow you to connect with other travellers in your area and locals who can help you choose the best hotspots.

Safety first

Solo travellers are easy targets for criminals, especially when walking alone at night. Don’t flash your jewellery and money while out an about. Put your camera away when you are not using it to avoid drawing attention to yourself.

Day tours

Day tours are one of the best ways to meet other travellers, especially those travelling alone. Make conversations with people on a bus tour with you and you might just find the perfect travel buddy. Added bonus, you can take pictures of each other at some of the tour stops.

Three-day tours for the solo traveller in Durban

1. Ricksha Bus: If you are interested in getting to know Durban and its history better, hop on the Ricksha Bus for a scenic city tour where you get to learn about some of Durban’s major attractions. The double-decker bus will take you on a three-hour tour of Durban.

2. Homestays: Vuku Africa Tours and Village Explorer Tours offer homestay tours. You are welcomed into a Zulu family home as a guest so that you can learn and experience the Zulu Culture.

3. Clermont Township Tours: Enjoy a township experience and teach and learn about the history of Clermont. Since the end of Apartheid, Clermont has been sprawling with shacks as people from the rural areas come and seek work opportunities in the nearby suburbs. 

To find out more information about Durban, visit

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