Find out how this woman got pregnant while already pregnant

Find out how this woman got pregnant while already pregnant

This woman’s pregnancy was so rare, there are only 10 other reported cases ever. 

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A woman in Australia gave birth to two girls on the same day, but they weren’t twins.

Kate Hill’s daughters were conceived 10 days apart, which means she became pregnant while she was already pregnant.

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The rare medical phenomenon is called superfetation, and happens when ovulation continues after the first conception. This sometimes results in a different sperm fertilising a second egg.

The phenomenon is rare, with only 10 cases believed to have been reported in the world.

But Kate’s case is even more shocking as her husband’s sperm is believed to have stayed alive for 10 days before fertilizing the second egg.

Nearly one year after giving birth to Charlotte and Olivia, Kate is talking about the scary experience.  

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“We were shocked, scared and excited all at the same time. Throughout our pregnancy we were constantly worried about their growth and how much smaller baby No. 2 would be,” she said during an interview with Us Weekly.

Despite being born on the same day; the girls are not twins.

Identical twins are the result of one sperm fertilizing one egg which then splits into two, while fraternal twins occur when two sperm fertilize two different eggs, which were released at the same time.

Kate and her husband Pete Hill say their daughter Olivia, who weighed one pound more than her sister Charlotte at birth, generally hits her baby milestones first. They also have very different personalities.

The couple plan to throw the girls a Minnie Mouse-themed party to celebrate their birthday on November 29. 

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