Simple storage ideas for your kid's bedroom
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Simple storage ideas for your kid's bedroom

Every mom knows the frustration of the never-ending trail of kids’ toys, books and clothes that never seem to get packed away properly. Here are a few simple yet effective tips to help you reduce mess!

To overcome the problem you must provide your child with easy to use storage methods and skills to help them clean up their room and keep it that way.
Follow these three easy steps to organize your child’s room
1.Declutter outrageous  
Help your child sort through their bedroom - sort, clean and simplify.
2. Define Zones
Start by defining the various areas in your child’s bedroom.
Determine what activities your child likes to do and which part of the room would be best suited to this. Try to find creative solutions for each problem. Creating zones will help create a place where each item belongs.
Create a comfortable spot for reading by supplying a bookshelf to store books within reach with good reading light and a spot to sit and read.
Identify a space dedicated to doing home or artwork where the light is good with ample workspace. Keep all the pens, rulers, glue etc. needed nearby. Use tins to sort different materials and mount them onto the wall or side of the table.
Make sure to allocate enough open floor-space for free play! Think of comfy cotton carpets which are easy to wash. Make sure to select short fur piles that will not interfere with the operation of the toys.
3. Create storage solutions:
Toys - Sort toys by groups into appropriately sized open bins, baskets or painted boxes which can be stacked into shelving or underneath beds. Label containers with words or images. 
Clothes - Kids need to be able to reach their hanging clothes and shelves. Place a wash basket inside your child’s closet to encourage them to put their dirty laundry away rather than leaving it behind the bedroom door or in a corner somewhere.
A good cupboard organiser can help with organizing the week’s outfits for every day together with the right sportswear etc.
Hooks or coat-stands are a great way to keep backpacks, schoolbags, hats, scarves and jackets off the floor.
Position a pedestal with a bookshelf underneath next to your child’s bed to encourage them to rather put the books away instead of dropping them next to the bed.
Hang a shoe organiser at the back of the bedroom door to help organise stuffed toys.
By providing the right tools and spaces for everything you are helping your child to keep their room clutter free and organised!
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