Jane takes on the well i am challenge

Jane takes on the well i am challenge

In our first edition of Feel Good Factor with Lisa Raleigh, Jane Linely-Thomas takes her first test in the well i am challenge, and explains why she has decided to document her journey to wellness.


Three kids under three has really left me with little or no time for myself.

Up until recently I was riddled with guilt if I was away from home; be it doing grocery shopping, at work or lo and behold taking a gap for myself to sweat at the gym.

I have now arrived at the understanding that I have to be strong and sound for me to be at my best for them.

With my first pregnancy I put on 25kgs and lost it over a year with the loving guidance and support of Lisa Raleigh.

I got to my goal weight and a month later was pregnant with twins.

I now find myself uncomfortable in my own skin and want to take back my life and power.

I have just began my journey to wellness by taking on the 'well i am challenge'.

The reason I decided to document this struggle/liberation is because I know that so many people, especially working mums, can identify with this.

The time is now to love and care for ourselves, so we can be strong and balanced beacons of love, strength and comfort.

Good luck. We've so got this x

- Jane

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