5 tips on finding the perfect bra size

5 tips on finding the perfect bra size

Over 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size! We asked the experts at Satin Candy for their tips on how to find the perfect fit. Plus, stand to win three bras as well as a private fitting for you and your friends from Satin Candy.


An ill-fitting bra can not only make you look bad, it can really effect your health.

Badly fitting bras can lead to bad posture and back pain.  

We have all heard the statistic that over 80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra, but how do you tell?

1. Check if there is excess fabric bunching around the cups. This probably means that your cup is too big. If your breasts are spilling up out of the cups, the cup size is too small.

2. The bra should fit snugly against your sternum.

3. The straps should rest comfortably against your shoulders and not dig in.

4. The band of the bra should not ride up your back. If the band is riding up your back the band is too big. What happens is that because girls cannot find big enough cup sizes, they go bigger around the back eg. From a 34 to a 38 just to get more in the cup.

5. The most important thing is to get fitted by someone who knows what they are doing. Just because you want to be a 34B does not mean that a 34B is going to fit you. Rather embrace the figure that you have been blessed with and support it with a bra that fits you well.

Here is a before and after photo - the first one of a badly-fitting bra and the second of a perfect fit. Spot the difference!

Your chance to WIN with Satin Candy: 

Win three bras from Satin Candy (minimum value R1 200), plus get treated to a private fitting for you and four of your friends with Workzone presenter, Zaba, at Satin Candy in Kloof. Each of your friends will also get a R50 voucher on the day. 

To stand a chance to win, simply tell us if you know what your bra size is. Email [email protected] with your answer, plus your contact details. Use the subject line: Satin Candy.  

Overview of Satin Candy

Satin Candy, a trendy lingerie store situated at 72 Old Main Road, Kloof and 41 Adelaide Tambo Drive in Durban North retails exquisite bras for small and voluptuous cup sizes.

Sandra Thomas, the owner of Satin Candy, says that when she first started in the business she was not aware of what a nightmare it was finding a bra with a larger cup size. 

At Satin Candy they aim to get the fit correct every single time and hope to make shopping a relaxed and enjoyable experience. All are welcome to visit the new boutique for free fittings with cup sizes from A-M! 

For more information call 031-764 5541/031-5644042, email [email protected] or log onto http://www.satincandy.co.za/ or visit any one of the boutiques. 

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