An emotional The Big Favour brings tears of relief

An emotional The Big Favour brings tears of relief

Angelique wrote in and told us about the hardships her family has faced. Her dream is to send her daughter Miranda to study.

first big favour with dks
Shanice Pillay

For many weeks, Darren, Keri, and Sky have been requesting applicants to write into The Big Favour. Finally, the team received a compelling letter from Angelique, a single mom whose life went downhill last year October.

Angelique broke up with her fiance a few months ago, which has since caused her much heartache. Having no place to stay and not knowing where her daughter's tuition fees would come from, she has had a really tough time. The break up from her fiance has left her with bad debt, and even though she received a 75% bursary, the uncertainty of paying for Miranda's first year's studies of R26,084.25 has been looming over her family. 

Despite Miranda's fees, she's in desperate need of a laptop to complete assignments and work. Working two jobs to keep things afloat, Angelique needed The Big Favour - and that's when Darren, Keri, and Sky decided to step in to help.

They called Maria Pavali, a Digital Strategist from LottoStar who had terrific news for Miranda and Angelique. The studio was filled with tears of joy when Maria told them what LottoStar will be doing.

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