The Big Favour with Darren, Keri and Sky

The Big Favour with Darren, Keri and Sky

Over the past 17 years, The Big Favour has changed and uplifted thousands of lives across the province of KZN. 

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Beautifully displaying the spirit of Ubuntu, this feature is synonymous for bringing together communities and giving people a second chance at life or even a head start.

After a little revamp, The Big Favour is back and bigger than ever before. Now on East Coast Breakfast with Darren, Keri and Sky, you have an opportunity to impact the lives of others.

If you think you know of someone, who has a compelling story to tell, whom really needs to be assisted, then visit, click on the “The Big Favour” tab, which can be found on the home page and follow the listed steps:

Option 1: Nominate someone to be assisted by the Big Favour. This could be someone who just needs a little push in the right direction; it could be to a request to “fly” for the first time, to gift someone with a surgery that they require or to help someone who needs an education, The Big Favour is here for you!

Fill in the “I need a Big Favour” form.

Option 2: You heard the Big Favour on-air and you have a business/resources to help? Become a sponsor by filling in “Become a sponsor” form and help someone today.

Remember, all requests are welcomed and Darren, Keri and Sky will try their best to find a matching sponsor to help someone in need.

Tune in to East Coast Breakfast with Darren, Keri and Sky on the first Wednesday of every month, to be a part of something greater than all of us - changing the lives of others.

The first official Big Favour for the year kicks off on Wednesday the 26th of February 2020.

Help us, help you!

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