Two Oceans Marathon winner helps us prepare for The Big Walk

Two Oceans Marathon winner helps us prepare for The Big Walk

Onalenna Khonkhobe chats to Mike V after his maiden marathon win.

Two Oceans Marathon winner Onalenna KhonKhobe
Two Oceans Marathon winner Onalenna KhonKhobe / X

Mike V has been undergoing strenuous training ahead of The Big Walk. It is a day of being out with fellow Durbanites whilst being on your feet for extended periods of time. 

Mike V has called on a professional for assistance, Two Oceans Marathon winner Onalenna Khonkhobe. 

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This pro runner has shared some words of motivation as well as crucial tips that will help get you to The Suncoast East Coast Radio Big Walk. Take a listen here: 

As shared in the interview above, Mike V shares the aftermath of a Parkrun defeat and the journey towards preparing for the Big Walk. He reflects on the instant stiffness in his legs and wonders how professional athletes like Onalenna Khonkhobe manage to cope with post-race soreness. 

Onalenna Khonkhobe, the recent champion of Two Oceans Marathon, sheds light on his recovery process, from battling cramps to preparing for the upcoming Comrades Marathon. His words inspire a sense of resilience and determination. 

So as we lace up our shoes for the Big Walk on the 26th of May, let's draw inspiration from Onalenna's journey and strive towards our own personal victories, no matter how challenging the road ahead may seem.


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