Yuck! This clip shows just how dirty a wooden spoon gets

Yuck! This clip shows just how dirty a wooden spoon gets

A wooden spoon is a staple in almost every kitchen in South Africa – but this video may change your mind on using the utensil.

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It’s one of the most used items in any kitchen – the wooden spoon. The handy utensil plays its part in almost every dish made in the kitchen and while you may give it a good clean after every use, wood soaks in the dirt and it becomes a little harder to remove than you would expect.

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TikTok user @Miss.clean.with.me might make you reconsider how you clean the wooden spoons you use while cooking after sharing a video showing the dirt and food that's often left behind.

The TikTok account has built up an impressive following after sharing cleaning tips and tricks. However, the account saw a massive spike in followers after sharing a video on how to properly clean a wooden spoon – and it’s been viewed over 15-million times!

"I was not prepared for this," the user wrote on the video alongside a vomiting emoji. @Miss.clean.with.me starts off the cleaning by placing the spoon into a glass and then filling it with boiling water, before leaving it to rest for about half an hour.

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I was not prepared for this🤢 Tiktok teaches me so much! #clean #cleaning #satisfying #asmr #cleantok #foryou #fyp

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When she returns, the water has turned a murky brown with dirt and plenty of old food swirls in the water.

Viewers were shocked at how much dirt the spoon retained and vowed to try the hack with their wooden spoons at home. Others decided ignorance is bliss. "I'm not doing this to my years-old wooden spoons. I don't want to know. It boosts my immune system," one user wrote. A second added, "I'm scared to do this, scrolling like I ain't see nothin."

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Another user, who claims to be a health inspector, adds: "We don't let kitchens have wooden utensils because wood is essentially a sponge for stuff like that. Impossible to fully clean."

After seeing the results of the experiment, the original user said that she threw out her wooden spoons and many other users are vowing to do the same.

After seeing this video, are you going to throw out your wooden spoon? Let Vic know in the comments section below.

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