You're not alone, even dogs lay awake worrying about problems

You're not alone, even dogs lay awake worrying about problems

That's worrying to hear...Especially because our dogs are the ones that always provide us with unlimited love. 

Dog looking confused sitting on bed
Dog looking confused sitting on bed/Pexels/@Pixabay

Have you ever lied awake at night thinking about all your problems? 

It feels natural for people to do that when they get stressed out or have had an anxious day. 

But to hear that the same occurs in our furry family members is alarming. 

"Researchers in Hungary say dogs, like many of us, lie awake at night thinking about their problems after a stressful or emotional day." (Sunny Skyz)

It is difficult for us to see our dogs as anything other than cheerful and playful. 

However, it seems dogs also struggle to get a peaceful sleep because of their troubles. This is just another similarity between humans and their dogs. 

"The study suggested that one negative experience in your dog's life won't cause a major sleeping problem, but regular stressful experiences could lead to a sleep disorder for your four-legged friend." (Sunny Skyz)

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We definitely should be more responsible for how we treat our furry friends. In particular, we should be more mindful of creating a comforting environment for them before they go to bed. 

Giving them some extra love could most likely change our moods before bed too...

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