You could spend up to R30k to travel this June 16th weekend!

You could spend up to R30k to travel this June 16th weekend!

You could travel overseas at these prices!

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We all know how public holidays work with colleagues. There is always that one colleague who is a planner and works in advance to make sure they get the best leave spots at the start of the year. 

Well, it seems it pays to be a planner. As we approach Youth Day this year, it seems the cost to travel within South Africa has become ridiculously high. 

With the recent challenges that Comair has faced, it seems that as usual the travellers have to pay for someone else's sins - quite literally!

It seems that if you are not a planner, then you may be expected to pay close to R30,000 for return tickets for a family of four this weekend. If you are traveling between Johannesburg and Cape Town, that is. 

This is according to Business Insider, who also shared that even though money is tight for many South Africans, there is a growing need to travel. Perhaps everyone is yearning to escape...

As a hypothetical way of sharing information about flying this weekend, they shared what the cost for a family of four would be. 

"FlySafair came in just under R21,000, CemAir and Airlink were charging about R25,000, and SAA topped out at roughly R30,500." (Business Insider)

Uh, no thank you...

We know of a lot of people including ourselves who could find a better way to spend that money.

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However, if you decided to opt for driving, they estimated that a family could potentially buy a 2009 Audi A6 for R21,000 and follow through the below scenario. 

"We estimate that the round-trip drive will cost just about R5,400 in fuel and tolls. Throw in R800 to keep everyone well fed, watered, and entertained during the all-day drive, and another R140 for an AA membership, and the trip comes in at a bit over R27,000. And you still have a car at the end." (Business Insider)

What a well thought of plan...

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