World's first robot lawyer to take on speeding fine case in court

World's first robot lawyer to take on speeding fine case in court

That's taking things to a new level of artificial...

High angle photo of robot
High angle photo of robot/Pexels

It seems the more and more we hear about artificial intelligence, the more believable it becomes that the world will never be the same again. 

As much as we understand that the advances in technology are meant to be a sign of progression, not all progression is good. Or at least that's what we think, after watching our fair share of sci-fi movies that show the threats of relying too much on tech. 

But we do get that is only one way of looking at things. And, so, hearing about this robotic lawyer, was definitely intriguing. 

What is being called the world's first robotic lawyer is set to appear in court next month.

"The AI, billed as “the world’s first robot lawyer” by the startup that created it, DoNotPay, will run on a smartphone and listen to court arguments in real-time before telling the defendant what to say via headphones." (MSN)

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"Science and technology publication New Scientist reported that the ticket at the center of the trailblazing case was issued for speeding, and the defendant will only say in court what the AI instructs them to say." (MSN)

And get this, if the robotic lawyer loses the case, then DoNoPay has agreed to cover any fines. This was according to the company’s founder and CEO, Joshua Browder. 

What do you think? Would you be keen on being represented by a robot?

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