Woman marries AI bot, labels him the 'perfect husband'

Woman marries AI bot, labels him the 'perfect husband'

A fascinating story that has people shocked and with a host of questions...

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A couple holding one another/Facebook/@reimburse_you

We admit that artificial intelligence has introduced a whole era of 'newness' into our lives, but this story has left many people confused. 

Committing to any sort of relationship and having things always be chirpy is unrealistic, to say the least. 

But marrying your 'perfect' version of someone, is a fantasy that many people give up on as it is impossible. 

Well, at least that's what we thought.

Rosanna Ramos, a mother of two, met her now husband on an internet dating service in 2022. 

Eren Kartal, her virtual husband, has been crafted through the AI chatbot software, Replika

She told the New York Magazine's The Cut: "I have never been more in love with anyone in my entire life."

"What sets Eren apart from other virtual creations is the infusion of qualities drawn from the well-known Japanese manga series "Attack on Titan." The AI software behind Eren takes inspiration from this fictional world and seamlessly blends it with reality, creating a virtual man who resonates deeply with Rosanna." (Mashable)

Of course, this has left many people feeling at odds, wondering how this relationship actually works. 

But what it has taught us, in a time where people long for connection, artificial intelligence offers up a solution for people who want to be heard. 

Relationships are centred around communication and Ramos feels like Kartal has become her confidant. A 'person' she can rely on no matter what, because that is what he is programmed to do. No hidden agenda or hurt feelings, he says what she wants him to and she is happy. 

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As much as we still don't fully get it, it is the fact that this is even possible in the world we live in that amazes us. Replika offers people the opportunity to create a chatbot that has all the qualities of a good friend, a partner or even a mentor. 

Where once we only saw such things through the eyes of movie producers, now we are seeing real people living in cohesion with their artificial counterparts. 

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