Woman is left with the bill when her date absconds

Woman is left with the bill when her date absconds

This is the worst thing that can happen on a first date...

A restaurant bill with South African currency
A restaurant bill with South African currency/TikTok Screenshot/@shanny.n

It's a big thing putting yourself out there when you are in the world of dating. 

Not only does it take courage but it also takes thick skin. Because let's be honest, it's slim pickings out there. 

One young woman who was brave enough to share her story on social media was left with the bill on a first date. 

In a video, Shania Nyoni shared that she went out for dinner with a guy she was chatting to, it was the first time they met in person. 

He left after dinner to withdraw money from the ATM to pay for their dinner bill. But sadly, he never came back. 

She sat there and finished her meal and had to be accompanied to the ATM by a staff member to withdraw the money to pay for the meal. 

There's a part of us that wants to know why she didn't just swipe, but there are some establishments that only accept cash payments. 

Watch the video below, courtesy of TikTok

@shanny.n gave love a second chance and this happens🙃, at this point im starting to think that I'm the problem #heartbreak #relationship #relatable #date #outing #food #bill #fearmen #sad ♬ original sound - Gifted

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After all that, he had the nerve to ask her if he could have another chance. 

People were happy to give their advice in the comment section. 

  • "So he is still not blocked"
  • "This happened to me 😭 he took my phone as well"
  • "let him first send the money for the previous bill."
  • "Imagine if you went to the date broke , umjolo needs money Shem"
  • "call him back go to an expensive restaurant order and excuse yourself. leave him with the bill and block him after that"

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Image Courtesy of TikTok

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