Woman gives up shoes to be closer to nature

Woman gives up shoes to be closer to nature

"Other [people] assume wrongly that I am poor and probably homeless – I have even been offered shoes." 

Person with no shoes standing on grass
Person with no shoes standing on grass/Pexels/@César Coni

There is such a thing as feeling closer to nature, so much so that you feel better mentally and physically. 

The term 'earthing' has been around for some time, but before this concept arose, there were people who preferred to connect with the earth or ground in the barest way. 

One woman who has been mistaken in her quest to connect with the earth is trying to share her lifestyle choice with the world. 

"A trip to India left Catrina Shenston with the desire to ditch shoes for good, and now she is determined to never wear them again - even in the gym." (Daily Mail)

Catrina Shenston is a mother from Chelmsford, Essex, UK, and she has expressed how walking barefoot has "revolutionised" her health. 

Even with the euphoria that she gets from her chosen lifestyle, she still faces much loneliness. Many people have assumed that she is homeless and have offered her shoes. 

This has pushed her to try and educate and encourage others in the UK to adopt her lifestyle choice. She has stopped visiting the gym as they would not allow her to exercise without proper footwear. 

"But going barefoot means I am so much more in touch with nature and I don't believe feet are at greater risk for not having footwear.' She added that she wishes more people understood the benefits of not wearing shoes, and that she is sometimes 'discriminated against or misunderstood'." (Daily Mail)

Her decision to be closer to nature has left her feeling ostracised by society. Anything that is different will always pose that risk in society, but we think it is great that she is sticking it out. 

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The pros definitely outweigh the cons as she shares how her health is at the best it's ever been. 

"'I have always suffered from pain in my hips and I also had chronic fatigue syndrome, but I've had no problems with my joints since I gave up wearing shoes and my ME has not re-occurred. 'I have never had a cold [since going barefoot] - and I am convinced that being closer to the earth improves the immune system.'" (Daily Mail)

Would you ever consider going without shoes full time?

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