Woman forgets to pay for ear pods during her Black Friday shopping

Woman forgets to pay for ear pods during her Black Friday shopping

As you shop this festive season, be aware of what's in your cart before cashing up. 

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It can be so overwhelming shopping on your own. The pressure of having to remember everything you have to get while trying to manage your money and all the items you have already purchased. 

Carting around a trolley full of goods can be stressful. With the holiday specials and crowded malls, sometimes innocent mistakes can occur. 

But with the high rate of crime during this time of year, many retailers are on the top of their game when it comes to their security measures. 

Sometimes this causes many retailers to take extreme measures against any wrongdoings that may occur in their stores. 

One woman shared how an innocent mistake caused her to feel like a criminal inside a Dischem store she was shopping at during Black Friday. 

Watch her video below, courtesy of TikTok

@badnews_nicki I will keep yall updated on what is happening currently #unfairtreatment #blackfriday #blacklivesmattter @Dis-Chem ♬ original sound - Badnews_Nicki

She went on to explain how she had forgotten to pay for the earphones or pods because they fell out of the small shopping basket that she had for the items she was buying from Dischem. 

Only after paying for the rest of her things, did she become aware of the ear pods, which she said were around R200. She spent around R2,000 at the store only to be accused of stealing something that she said she offered to pay for as she forgot to pay for it. 

But the management and security were not having it, they kept her in their back area for more than three hours. 

In one of her videos, she says that they said they were going to charge her. 

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After perusing through some of her other videos, she said that the case is shut, but she hasn't provided more updates as to what happened after being left to wait for the manager. 

Check her second video out, courtesy of TikTok

@badnews_nicki Replying to @Basii 🌙 am so mad and i cant express it#blackfriday @Dis-Chem #unfairtreatment #blacklivesmattter #disappointment @Badnews_Nicki ♬ original sound - Badnews_Nicki
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