A woman doesn't leave her home in six years!

A woman doesn't leave her home in six years!

A woman hasn't left her home in six years because she has a phobia of vomit...Can you believe it?

Woman doesn't leave her house for six years due to her phobia

Emma Davies, 35, suffers from a condition called emetophobia, which is the phobia of vomit. Yes, it's real and it affects more people than we know. 

We cannot imagine living with such a paralysing phobia or any phobia for that matter...It just goes to show that there are so many types of people out there going through things that we don't even know about. 

Out of curiosity and wanting to know about this condition, we decided to search Twitter to see what types of conversations were recorded and we were sad to see that so many people take to Twitter to share their condition and how they feel like no one gets them. 

We found this post by @vaznecs on Twitter and how others respond to her condition. 

Emma explains when this phobia started and admits that most of her days are spent in her room because the anxiety gets too much for her and she retreats to her safe place. 

"Emma says while she - like most people - always found vomit and sickness unpleasant, it started to get out of hand around 12 years ago when it began to impact her job. It's the thought of seeing, hearing or smelling sick - anything like that - that affects me." (LadBible).

It must be so difficult to live with an added pandemic-stricken world all around us, more so for those that are suffering from phobias. 

All we can say is that it takes just a moment to be understanding and supportive of what others are going through, not everyone wears their problems on their chests, many suffer in silence and as a nation, we should be supportive. 

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