Woman comes home to find mom bobcat and five babies on her porch

Woman comes home to find mom bobcat and five babies on her porch

Most of us would freak out if we were to come home and find a wild animal chilling on our front steps. Now imagine coming home to not one, but six bobcats.


This is exactly the surprise that Kathy Maniscalco came home to one day. 

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After arriving home in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Kathy was shocked to find a small family of bobcats relaxing on her doorstep. 

Expecting them to run away when she appeared or at least be scared, she was shocked to see them continue as if she wasn't even there.

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Thankfully, Kathy took it upon herself to bless our social media feeds with the cutest pictures and videos of these seemingly tame beasts.

One of the baby bobcats even climbed up to get closer to her and is seen adorably meowing at the camera.

Being an artist, Kathy has mentioned that she's thinking of taking this rare moment and turning it into a painting, which we can't wait to see.

For now, we're quite happy to start our weekend with some cute bobcat pictures.

Main image courtesy of Pexels

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