Woman awakens from coma to find her fiancé of four years has deserted her!

Woman awakens from coma to find her fiancé of four years has deserted her!

Imagine being stuck in hospital after being comatose without the support of family and your fiancé...

Woman on hospital bed
Woman on hospital bed/TikTok Screenshot/@hotcomagirl1

We cannot even understand how someone could be that heartless...

Brie Duval, a 25-year-old Australian, was living her dream life in Canada. She was happy in her four-year relationship and working at her dream job. 

Well, that was until she fell off a wall that was under construction after a night out drinking. 

After falling head first, she had to be airlifted to the "University of Alberta Hospital and placed on life support in the ICU, with a brain injury and numerous broken bones." (Mirror)

This was during the peak of COVID-19 and therefore Brie's parents could not fly over to be with her. 

During the four weeks that Brie was comatose, doctors kept informing her mother that there was only a 10 percent chance of her pulling through. 

"Thankfully, her parents refused to let the life support be turned off and within three weeks she had started showing signs of improvement." (Mirror)

But it wasn't all good news...

After being reunited with her phone, she had found out that her partner of four years had actually ghosted her and even moved in with someone else...

Brie told The Mirror: "So I opened my phone going to message him when a message pops up from this woman that says I am now with [partner's name]. I have moved him out. He's now living with me and my son, please do not contact him." 

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He never got back to her so she has not been able to have any closure over their 'break-up'. On top of it all, as she stayed in hospital for five months as part of her recovery, she was not able to see her parents. 

Australia's lockdown prevented them from leaving the country. 

Since leaving the hospital, Brie has been working on living with TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) and also sharing her experience with others on TikTok. 

Check out her response video below, courtesy of TikTok

@hotcomagirl1 Just clarifying what happened! Drop some questions! #fyp #coma #braininjurysurvivor ♬ original sound - HotComaGirl113

And this is the video of her sharing the similarities between her story and that of Stephanie from 'Senior Year'. 

Courtesy of TikTok.

@hotcomagirl1 Real coma experience vs. senior year coma experience! #fyp #coma #braininjuryawareness #braininjurysurvivor ♬ original sound - HotComaGirl113
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