When you party too hard and can't afford to pay rent...

When you party too hard and can't afford to pay rent...

What is the first thing you do when you get paid?

"Hebanna, I thought I have money when I blew R5000 over the weekend, kanti I didn’t pay rent."
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Not many people can say that they haven't had a night out where things got a bit wild and there are moments of fuzziness... and amnesia. Those are sure signs of a BIG night out. 

But what happens when you wake up the next morning and you are R5,000 out on your rent money and cannot remember what happened to the money... Then things get real, real fast.

As we grow in life, we learn that there are certain things that should be prioritised before splurging on a night out.

So if you think about it, as much as having fun is a priority, there are those necessities that if you want to live with, you have to make them reign at the top of the list. However, not everybody thinks like this. 

As soon as you hear that 'ping ping' on your phone, notifying you that you have received your salary, then it's off to the party...

Twitter user LenyoraBillium posted to his account this week that he went out for the afterparty of Mac G's Podcast and Chill, which happened at Lulo Cafe. 

Next thing he knows, he blew his rent money and he is in a bit of a predicament. What is he going to do now that he doesn't have money to pay his rent? The plot thickens...

He goes on to ask his followers for some much needed guidance and help about whether or not he should go back and ask for a refund, considering he only remembers having three glasses of the bottle he paid for. 

Classic, when the bottles are popping then everyone is your friend. Well, that's our take on it. We are not sure of what actually happened in this case, but the above is an observation from past experiences of friends and people we know. 

Some of his followers made fun of his actions, and he admitted that he was drunk so he wasn't thinking straight. Someone even advised him to go get a loan, and then he replied by saying he has tried that and was unable to due to affordability. 

This is a classic example of not managing your money properly. It really makes us think about how some people who don't earn a lot manage to still have money to party...

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