What?! A job ad that requires you to send a full-length swimsuit photo

What?! A job ad that requires you to send a full-length swimsuit photo

What is going on in this world?

A job ad that requires you to send a full-length photo in a swimsuit...Interested?
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Being in the job market is no easy feat. Besides the pressure of getting a job, there is the pressure of ticking all the boxes on the requirements list. Because let's be honest, sometimes the list can go on and on...

A security company in Naples, Italy is looking for a receptionist. But the specifications and requirements for application are just ridiculous...

It really sounds like an ad that came out of the 1950s.

"A job posting by a security company in Naples, Italy, has caused an uproar over its requirement for prospective female receptionists to send in photos of themselves in swimsuits. The job advertisement also said applicants had to be under 30, have a "sunny disposition" and "good looks," own a car, and speak fluent English." (Business Insider)

Uh, is this the way the job market is going these days? If so, then it feels like we are moving more into a backward way of thinking. A world where companies are openly sharing their wants of having good looking people represent their brand...

Of course, being presentable and ticking off the list of requirements is part and parcel. But never did we think that you would have to fit a profile when it comes to a receptionist position. 

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"Social media users condemned the advertisement as sexist. They also expressed outrage at the job's requirements and the pay offered — $557 (around R8,655) a month for 24 hours a week (or around R90 an hour). According to Glassdoor's jobs portal, the average monthly salary for a receptionist in Italy is about $1,370 (around R21,000)." (Business Insider)

The thing is that the security company retracted the swimsuit requirement, after they saw the negative response. So, essentially, does that mean that they realised it was inappropriate or that they were labelling themselves as body shamers? 

Have you ever seen a ridiculous set of requirements included in a job ad? 

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