What does the most boring person in the world do?

What does the most boring person in the world do?

This study essentially created a profile of the 'Most Boring Person in the World'...

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A man leaning his face on his left hand/@UnsplashWebsite

Being labelled as the most boring person in your group setting can definitely be considered a no-no, as no one wants to be described as boring, for obvious reasons, of course. 

But we have to admit that many people - including social scientists, have been quite intrigued by the topic of what is considered to be 'boring'. Which is why "psychologists from the University of Essex, University of Limerick, and the London School of Economics" decided to undertake a study to give them some insight. 

"The study, which was published in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, included 500 participants, who were included in five different studies. They identified "people working in data analysis, accounting, tax/insurance cleaning, and banking" as the most boring professions. (Business Insider

The five most boring hobbies were listed as sleeping, religion (we are not sure that religion can be described as a hobby but that's a topic for another day), watching TV, animals, and mathematics. Interesting...

What we found really interesting when asked by the researchers "how much they would expect as compensation were they asked to spend time with a boring person", on average people said, $35/day (which is roughly around R509). 

"Wijnand Van Tilburg, senior lecturer at University of Essex's department of psychology and co-author of the study, shared that many boring people don't get a chance to prove the negative perceptions wrong." (Business Insider)

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